"Smooth runs the water
where the brook is deep."
- William Shakespeare, King Henry the Sixth, Part II

Why do I bother to psychoanalyze a fictional character? Why look beyond the screen to a life lived past the story when no such life was lived? That, my fellow fen, is the mark of a three-dimensional character. It doesn't matter how much or how little screen time they get, or how much is revealed. If they pull you into their lives with curiosity and wonder, then their creators have succeeded in every writer's ultimate goal: to breathe life into their work.

I've never really felt motivated to do a character shrine before, but after posting a rant essay on Filia's character to my LJ, Tasuki asked me if I'd consider building one off my perspective on her which I've gleaned from two years of not only writing her and participating in discussions about her, but extensively playing her through several RPGs. Toss in my natural tendency to psychoanalyze and pick apart archetypes to explore a character's motivations in depth, and an weirdly innate ability for getting into other people's shoes and telling a story from their eyes (a skill that saved my hide more often than not whenever I'd get sent to the principal's office ^_^) and I had some fairly solidified theories backed up with evidence.

Some of the essays may be slow in coming, as while I have plenty of things written up that I could place on these pages, I would like to organize them better in a proper essay format, and include a bibliography of my sources wherever possible. Because I am not the creator of The Slayers, these are at best theories, and theories should always be backed up with evidence where possible. Otherwise, they are editorials and opinions.

Beyond that, as a Draconic Otherkin, I look at certain behaviors from Filia without so much as blinking, whereas others are bewildered by them or consider them odd. (On the flip token, she's also shown behavior that doesn't hold true for Dragons, including what I can tell from Milgasia's character. And as a submissive, well, as the saying goes, like knows like. Submissive doesn't mean doormat - far from it. But there were traits to her nature that stood out like a beacon. Even her image song is different in tone from most translated Slayers songs, carrying a strong hint of a submissive nature. 'Take care of me,' it says. 'Let me be with you.'

The links on your left will take you on your journey. Dive Deep is exactly that: a place to find essays and other collected assorted information either on Filia or relevant to her nature. It's an exploration into one woman's psyche.

Surfacing is lighter. Fanworks, such as fiction and art, can be found here. On the Waves will lead you to new shores, new worlds. Links in and links out. Webrings. Other assorted bits and pieces to continue on with your exploration of knowledge.

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